A story about children and makeup

It is the hardest thing to explain a child the reason why you do some certain things when she starts asking questions. Obviously, the hardest question to answer remains the ‘where do babies come from?’ question. However, there are quite a few other questions which you might be having a hard time answering.

For instance, the ‘why do women wear make-up?’ question. Although it might not seem that hard to answer, it actually is. It is hard to tell your child why are you wearing make-up without sounding shallow. Let’s face it, nobody wants to sound shallow in front of their child. The first thing that probably comes to your mind is ‘because they want to be beautiful’. If you say that to your child, she will think that women are not beautiful without wearing make-up. That is not ok either. If you choose your words more carefully you might find yourself saying ‘because they want to be even more beautiful than they already are’. Then, however, she might get the impression that being beautiful is the most important thing in the world and that is why women try so hard to get their make-up and hair done perfectly. Check out BestMakeupBrushesGuide to find out what makeup brush set you would buy as a gift for your little girl, if you decide on allowing her to wear makeup. Either way, your child will probably grow up to be shallow and believe that looks are more important than being smart. It might sound like a cliché but the truth is that nothing is more beautiful than a smart woman.

cara and makepOlivia, a 32 year old make-up artist has been asked by her 10 year old daughter, Cara, about make-up. Her daughter first asked her what it takes to make a perfect make-up. Olivia told her that make-up is like painting. You are practically creating a painting on someone’s face. You need brushes just like for painting, only this time you need make-up brushes. Now, she didn’t explain her that you need x number of brushes, such as foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, lip brush, concealer brush, blending brush, contour brush and so on. Children might not understand such explanations at such a young age. Also, Olivia told her daughter that she also needed colors. Again, just like for painting. However, for make-up she needed different types of colors under different forms. Eventually, her daughter understood what was make-up all about and for one day she stood quiet.

However, the other day Cara approached Olivia with another question. In a recent interview, Olivia said ‘she came to my salon and asked me in front of the clients: why do women wear make-up?’. Not knowing what to answer to this, Olivia postponed her answer for when she would come home. The whole day she tried to figure out what to tell Cara when she would go home. You know, when we are children we are told that beauty is superficial but when we grow up we learn that we must always be well-dressed and look good. Olivia couldn’t find any good excuse so she decided to go with the truth. She told Cara about the passion she does her work with and how important it is to do your job passionately because as someone once said ‘Do something that you like and you will never have to work a day in your life’. She tried to keep this subject going, but eventually she had to come with an answer. Olivia told Cara how some women feel insecure with their looks because they were thought that looks are very important so they need something to enhance their beauty and that is the reason why women mostly wear make-up. She told her that there are many women who simply like wearing make-up and there is no philosophical answer for this question, why they wear make-up. The answer is ‘just because!’.

After all these conversations Cara understood the purpose of make-up and started to grow a passion for it, just like her mother. They would often do make-overs together and just spend quality time together.

All in all, I believe that it is very important to be honest. Children don’t need philosophical answers nor dumb answers. They just need honest answers. I know it is sometimes hard to explain a child why we do certain things, especially when they keep asking why and why and why. However, the most important thing is to be patient because even though they seek answers, when we give them answers they might not understand them. Just give them an honest, well-thought answer and they will probably be happy with it.

Don’t use flat irons to straighten your child’s hair

We all know how cute children look when they are all dressed up and elegant, especially when it comes to girls. Many mothers tend to go to extremes in order to make their child look fancy. The truth is that children are cute no matter what, so there is no need to give them a make-over.

Girls usually want to be like their mother. They want to dress up like their mother, they want to wear heels, just like their mother and often they want to wear make-up and get their hair done, just like their mother. It is not a bad thing that they want to be like their mother but it is bad when their mother let them. It is not normal for a child to grow up that fast. They must enjoy their childhood, walk around barefoot, not in heels.

I’ve recently seen that many mothers straighten their girl’s hair with flat irons. Flat irons ruin an adult’s hair, not to mention a child’s hair. I believe it is very important to maintain a healthy hair from a young age. Being healthy is a lifestyle. If you teach your child to do some certain things to keep himself healthy, he or she will grow up with it as a habit. It will not be unusual for him or her to do that certain thing when he or she grows up. I actually have a friend who never straightens her hair with flat irons. Her mother wouldn’t let her use any kind of devices and now that she is a grown-up it is part of her lifestyle. It is not that she doesn’t like the look of a straightened hair but she just doesn’t want to ruin it. Trust me, that girl has an awesome-looking hair. No matter if you use the best flat irons – www.PrimeHairTools.com – you will ruin your daughter’s hair.

flat ironsNow, there are different kinds of flat irons and the newer the flat iron is, the more it promises. Flat irons will ruin your hair, no matter if they work just with electricity or by steam. Straightening your hair once a month with a flat iron () will not completely damage your hair but straightening your hair every day with a flat iron will genuinely ruin it. For children it is even worse, obviously. Even straightening your child’s hair once a month with a flat iron will ruin your child’s hair(www.primehairtools.com/best-flat-iron-for-african-american-hair). Children’s hair is a lot more sensible than an adult’s hair and it can be ruined a lot easier. I believe the best thing to do to keep your child’s hair is to only wash it. Don’t use tons of products because she will have enough time to try out different products when she grows up, if she wants to.

In other words, if you really want your child’s hair to be straight, or you just want it straight for one day, you can try other methods to straighten her hair. For example, the best natural method to straighten your hair or your child’s hair is to brush it while blow-drying it. This way, you or your child will have perfect straight hair for at least a few days.

Now, you shouldn’t use flat irons to curl your child’s hair either. Curling your child’s hair with a flat iron will create just as much damage to her hair as straightening would. The best natural method to curl your child’s hair is to braid it. Just make 2 simple braids, you don’t need a college degree to make a braid. The curls will last a few days and they look nice and natural.

All in all, flat irons are a great invention, you can style your hair in so many different styles with a flat iron but it totally damages the hair. As said before, when it comes to children it’s even worse. Your child will thank you later, although she might be upset now that you don’t let her use a flat iron while you do.

Applying makeup like a pro

Applying eye-shadow like a pro

It can’t be rocket science, right? After all, they make it seem so easy. Brush brush, color color, and in no time you get those smoldering, smokey eyes ready to do some damage.
Until you find yourself in the make-up aisle of some never-ending beauty shop, in front of 40 something different brushes – which you didn’t even know that existed until this very moment – at least 5 times as many colors to pick from and don’t even get me started with the questions. Is make-up supposed to match the color of my skin, eyes, eyebrows?
But rest assured. Looks can kill, regardless of what you’ve been told, when you do it like a pro.

And this is the way to go:

1.    Choose your weapons.
And by this, I mean brushes. You heard me – sponges, cotton buds and your pinkie aren’t always what they’re cracked up to be.
–    A flat-stiff brush is what you’re going to be using when applying shadows on your lid. As you might imagine, it’s flat and stiff and to get the right effect you must use quick patting motions, not smudge it all around.
–    A  stiff dome brush is the magic ingredient for the smoldering, smokey effect we’ve talked about earlier. They are of various size. If you have small eyes or if you’re a complete rookie, or both, it’s recommended to pick a smaller size because it’s more precise. You use this to feather out the color, to blend it – you don’t add extra colors with this and you certainly don’t pat around.
–    A soft dome bush – even more blending, in a smoother manner.

2.    Choose your design:

The Fan Shape and the Cat Eye are almost the definition of mainstream, mainly because they go well with various eyes (however, don’t try the Cat look if you have almond eyes; they are already elongated). Snow Globe works fantastic for small eyes, because this kind of shadow pops them out. Cut Crease has that effect too. Smokey is devastating with big, round, deer-in-the-headlight eyes. There are plenty of combinations, but it’s best to stick to regular eye-shadows until you really get the hang of it.

3.    Instructions

This is what you will be looking at in the mirror. This is the map to fabulousness.
a.    Apply your main color – shimmery or mat – over your lid, according to your design. Choose a lighter shade, this is just the starting point, no strong colors – use the flat stiff brush and patting motions. Apply it to your inner corners as well.
b.    The second color, the dark one, goes in the crease with a soft brush – one of the domes. After applying it, blend it very well with what you already have – this is the secret to natural shadowy effect. Focus on the outer side of the crease, and then gradually blend towards the inner side.
c.    The lighter shade goes on the underbrow. This is mat.

Don’t worry that it’s a tree-step and three-colors combination. These are the basic rules – which shadow goes where – and the basic types of make-up . With these in mind you will apply eye-shadow like a pro.

What should I do with my out-of-style dresses?

Ordinary people have always had a hard time deciding whether it’s annoying or amusing how fashion never dies – because, let’s face it, it won’t blind us:  fashion doesn’t die. It climbs down the model runway, it winds its way through the high-profile streets, then the quiet neighborhood, then the outskirts, the not so quiet neighborhood – it’s everywhere. There are those who couldn’t care less, there are those who occasionally give a hoot about it and there are those who are running wild on the fresh trail of fashion to catch up with the newest style. Assuming we’re category two or three – what do we do in times of financial difficulty, when walking in the glamorous footsteps of fashion is a little bit more than what we bargained for?

old-dressesWe make do!

That doesn’t mean giving up on being fashionable, window-shopping to the brink of madness, longing, lusting and suffering and eventually never showing our faces – or legs, or arms, or bare backs – anywhere. It means we do a little research and then we grab a pair of scissors and sewing thread in the name of cunningness and imagination – and this, ladies, is how fashion is born.

I’m talking about dress-refurbishing – it’s the best, easiest and, quite frankly, most logical thing to do with clothes that have gone out of style – you put them back in! Drop the sleeves, create your own V-neck, tear out the back, add some cuffs or send them to a tailor to do all this for you.

But how do we know what to turn them into? Refurbishing can’t last forever and we already know that fashion does, which is why we should turn our out-of-style dresses into garments which are forever fashionable.

This looks familiar, doesn’t it? No back, no arms. Daintily wrapped together around your neck, a little bit of collar-bone showing and it hugs your waist, all the while hiding your hips and your stomach. It became popular a while ago, and it’s going strong – during summers, on the beach, on the street, in the evening. It comes in all shapes, sizes and materials – cotton, silk, lace. If you have some sort of obsolete, cascading down your legs and onto the floor evening dress – this is what you should make out of it.

Another suggestion is the slip dress.

Believe it or not, old habits die hard, and sexiness is a very old habit.

The slip-dress is old, gold, and easy to scissor out of pretty much anything else. It fits women on the curvy side, as well as those one the super-model slim slide, because it has no problem in hugging all kinds of body. Simplicity is the operative word here and it has a quite ravishing effect. Again, you can crop this out of anything you want – velvet, silk, cotton, lace, and you can season it with stilettos, platforms, flip-flops, beach bags, messy buns, dark make-up.
The list of never-dying trends goes on, but we wouldn’t like to put “fun” in “funeral” and harm your enthusiasm.

Sneakers for toddlers

Very few people know the importance of shoes for a child. One of the most important period in a child’s life is when he starts to walk. This is when he tries to discover all the things, and when he seems to never get tired. This is when you are looking for him all over the house without a clue of where he might be hiding.

The first shoes are definitely important. However, the shoes he wears when he starts walking are the most important. The  format of our feet are highly influenced by the shoes we wear, especially the ones we wore when we were little. My advice is to definitely pay attention to the shoes you buy for your toddler because if they don’t fit his feet right or they are not comfortable, they might influence a bad development for your child’s feet.

The highly asked question is: “How do I know my toddler finds his shoes comfortable? He is not really able to explain what he feels.” In this case you are wrong. You have to pay high attention to your child as there might be an even little detail telling you he is not comfortable with his shoes. Maybe a certain face he makes when he does not feel comfortable. The same rule goes for clothes as well.

sneakers-toddlersA child always knows what is comfortable for him and what is not comfortable but he can’t always explain in a way that his parents understand. Nevertheless, sometimes, even though children might actually be able to tell how they feel, they just won’t. They are stubborn or they find shopping a waste of time and just want to get home as soon as possible. In that case they will just tell you that they feel comfortable to get home. Although they realize the next day that their shoes are not comfortable they will still keep quiet fearing their parents.

I believe the best thing is to buy flip-flops and sneakers for toddlers. Flip-flops are great for them because even if the number on the shoes does not match your child’s feet number, they will still feel comfortable because they are really open. Now, flip-flops work on summer, but if cold weather suddenly knocks at the door you have to change the shoes. That is the reason why I highly recommend sneakers for toddlers.They are comfortable, friendly with the weather transitions. However, keep in mind that when you have a toddler, his feet are at the fastest feet development stage. They seem to grow from one day to another, so he probably won’t be able to wear the same shoes 2 months. He will constantly need new shoes.

All in all, I believe that sneakers are the best option for a toddler because they are sport shoes and that is exactly what a toddler needs. Not to mention that we live in an era when children shoes and clothing are so developed and beautiful. You do not have to go to the mall and pay a great amount of money to buy your child a beautiful outfit, you can buy one at any clothing shop.

Straight Ponytail

If you’re up for a sporty day or simply want to be undistracted by your hair then a sweet ponytail is best for you.
There are two options to achieve this hairstyle. First option requires more time but ensures you to have a fully straight cheerleader looking ponytail.

1.    Always, always spray heat protection all over your hair before exposing it to heat. Let it dry on its own or blow dry.

2.    Follow the steps from the Fully Straight Hairstyle.

3.    Comb your hair smoothly and settle it into a ponytail. Make sure to tie them tightly for a clean ponytail finish.

Second option needs less time but may not be as smooth as it should be, although when done properly should give the same result as in option one.

1.    Comb your hair neatly and settle it into a ponytail. Lock the ponytail with a tight hair tie but not too tight that it can cause you headaches! Just enough to keep them in position and enough to give your face a lift effect.

2.    From the ponytail, take a small section and comb through it followed by the flat iron.

3.    Repeat step number 2 until all of the hair is fully straightened.

Styling and straightening your hair makes you look more presentable and trendy especially as a teenager. However, doing this on a daily basis would require hair care otherwise can damage and dry out your hair. Exposing your hair to heat constantly and not applying heat protection or using treatment products can weaken the hair strands causing them to break easily or develop split ends.

Tips on taking care of your hair:

  • Use conditioner more often than shampoo but not every day. Pantene has a deep conditioner which you can use at least once a week to repair and camouflage hair damage and dryness.
  • Let your hair rest from heat exposure once in a while. Just like you, your hair needs to breathe too! Let it breath!
  • Wash your hair and let it dry naturally. Makes you feel fresh longer too!
  • Use protein and other deep treatments to rebuild your hair’s natural keratin.
  • Use hair ties, clips or head bands which aren’t too tight for your head and hair. Too tight hair accessories not only cause headache and discomfort but can damage your hair too!
  • Brush or comb your hair as often as you can. Detangle, detangle, and detangle! As they say, 100 brush strokes every night.

Now that you know how to straighten your hair using a flat iron with different hairstyles and know how to take good care of your hair it’s time to head to school or where the party is at and let yourself shine through the crowd!