Our Roots

Meet Peachyness' founder : Marine.

Marine launched Peachyness not long after being diagnosed with Endometriosis in late 2019. She had been experiencing monthly excruciating pains for decades. 
Unfortunately, there are still no cures for this condition.

The only alternative, to alleviate the pain and other Endometriosis symptoms : A ‘healthy’ diet and taking the birth control pill 💊. This resulted in occasional vaginal dryness. 

Many of us humans with vaginas, have to deal throughout the course of our lives, with a number of discomforts : Tight jeans, sex, running, giving birth, taking the pill, our periods, menopause etc. The list is endless. 

We’re finally opening up about women, their vaginas/vulvas and how to take care of them. 

Marine started looking for products that would relieve her.
She didn't want it to be a medical device or have it contain hormones and nasty ingredients.
She was looking for an organic, vegan & eco-friendly option, she could apply everyday.

That's how Peachyness was born : A Vulva Balm that would relieve irritations, redness, dryness, with a simple list of efficient and organic ingredients, that you could apply as often as your face cream !

With Peachyness, we wanted to give you the opportunity to have USDA certified products, maintaining a neutral vaginal PH, vouched for by OBGYNs and free from any nasties (dyes, hormones, parabens, etc), to protect your peach.