Puberty, Periods, Boobs & Sex - Ep #1

In this first episode, Rachel, our podcast host, shares her doubts and thoughts on breasts, periods, virginity and more !

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Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

There are a million ways to be a woman, and to experience womanhood. Through this podcast, we’re going to explore as many of them as we can. We’re going to have guests who'll share their expertise and their own experiences with womanhood.

1. Hormones & Cycle are more complex than explained during SexEd class! They teach you in school that your period is going to happen within 28 days, briefly go over the biology and show you the very basic diagrams of what it looks like inside you, etc.
But That Leaves So Much Out... What about the actual experience of menstruating ? What happens when our cycle isn't on point or the said 28 days ? Are we normal ? Is the birth-control pill a fix ? 

2. Boobs: There are two hunks of fatty flesh that sit on the female chest. 
I hated when anyone would call attention to it. I've grown from that and thankfully! I've realized that it's OK to have boobs. The more comfortable I get in my body, the more I really just don't care and appreciate them for being part of me! 

3. Steamier topic, masturbation! We hear a lot about jerking off. I think I learned how a guy would jerk off before I even thought about how I would cum. Masturbation was not for women, it was for men. I didn't even
think of it as masturbation until much, much later on.

4. Your vulva will come in many shapes and sizes. This area of your body, your vulva, that makes up the lips, your clitoris and the openings and stuff can look different for everyone. Like most people I imagine, I Googled if I had a big vagina. I Googled "What is the vagina supposed to look like?". 

5. it is okay to be a virgin for as long as you want to be a virgin. Pluralistic ignorance is this idea that you feel pressured to do something, like having sex or
going partying and drinking a lot... you feel pressured to do those things because you think everyone else is doing them.
But the truth is: Most people are actually not doing them... 


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