Be kind to your Vulva !

Tired of tight jeans, lingerie⁠, Sex, birth control or Menopause, irritating your "Downthere parts"?
We hear you!

We're designing an Organic and Clean Vulva Balm to moisturise, soften and smooth your 🍑.
We’re all for giving as much love to our Peach as we do our skin, nails and hair !

Will you help us make it ? 

Co-Create the Vulva Balm?

1. The Questionnaire : We'll start by asking for your Intimate care habits, your needs and feedback on what we've come up with so far. 

2. Samples : We then share your feedbacks with our Lab & design a sample that will fulfils every single one of YOUR requirements!

3. Pre-orders! Once we're happy with the result, we start the pre-order phase.

4. Production Phase : Your orders are sent off to our production facility.

5. Delivery : That's it vulvas! Your Balm, MADE BY & WITH you, is finally at your doorstep ! YAY! 

Co-Create the Balm

Peachy Updates

Curious about your 🍑?

Why I started Peachyness

Why I started Peachyness

I quickly realised I was far from being the only one suffering from these vulvar discomforts : 33% of vulvas, worldwide also experience similar discomforts.
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Is My Period Color Normal?

Is My Period Color Normal?

90% of women do not know what their Period Color says about their health.
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Peachyness - The Clitoris: Ready to be Cliterate?

Ready to be Cliterate?

Our Clitoris is such an incredible body part, full of wonderful surprises and pleasures! 
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