Your Vulva deserves some lovin' !

Tired of tight jeans, lingerie⁠, Sex, birth control or Menopause, irritating your "Downthere parts"?
We hear you!

Our Organic and Clean Vulva Balm to moisturise, soften and smooth your 🍑.
We’re all for giving as much love to our Peach as we do our skin, nails and hair !

Will you help us make it ? 

'Peach Me' Balm

We deal with too many intimate discomforts !

So we decided to create a vulva balm that moisturises, softens and protects your vulva... Nasties-free.

💯% natural & Vegan 🌱, our 'Peach Me' Vulva Balm 🍑 leaves you feeling fresh & confident :

Learn how you can help create this vulva balm!

Freed Peaches

People with vaginas share their relationship to their intimacy :

Love it...? Hate it...? Ignore it...? Not sure...?

Curious about your 🍑?

Peach Me (Vulva Balm) - FAQ

Peach Me (Vulva Balm) - FAQ

Going through the online questionnaire and social media comments, we've seen quite a few questions regarding the balm & the vulva.
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Your menstrual cycle explained in 2 min!

Your menstrual cycle explained in 2 min!

When does our cycle officially start and why ?How does it works? How long does it last? Is it just the bleeding? When do I start ovulating? What about those PMS symptoms, when do THEY take place? 
We got you! You learn all about it in 2 min!
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Are you Ovulating? Cervical Mucus will tell you!

Are you Ovulating? Cervical Mucus will tell you!

Did you know Cervical Mucus can help you estimate at what stage of your cycle you are ?⁠ Are you #Ovulating ?⁠ Are you #Fertile ?

We created use visuals to help you figure out your mucus and be able to "read" it! 

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